37. Laziness

Make Laziness work for you!
Neo Liberalism would have us believe that Laziness produces failure and poverty.
In effect if you are poor you are lazy. Christianity encourages busyness & industry to
keep society going.    

Yet to be lazy is to conserve energy for the next task. For primitive people to rest before the next hunt or escape from death. With survival taken care of, laziness becomes problematic.

Laziness is what we want to avoid yet idleness (to do nothing) is what we proclaim to want. But whenever an empty period of time comes up we are desperate to fill it. As we work for others doing things we don’t want to do, laziness is an expression of a lack of determinism to control our own lives. We need to distract ourselves from the futility of modern existence where we are not at the centre of much of what we have to do.

Being idle risks being bored. Boredom covers a sense of challenging feelings around how we put meaning to our lives. Any uncomfortable feelings have to be covered with anything. Anything at all.

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