43. Kids Co BBC

Kids Co BBC
Alan Yentob has been asked to step down from the BBC due to his involvement in Kids Co.
Is this a case of events gone out of control: or taking on too much seduced by power and influence?

Was this a case of a charismatic CEO managing to seduce the Chair of Trustees into thinking all was well?
Or the collusion of two powerful people trying to steer an organisation out of the swamp?Kids Co BBC

One of the puzzles of working in organisations and charities is that even in a position of power the CEO, or the Chair of Trustees sometimes don’t know or don’t even see events conspiring against them. It is well known but less practised that the person at the top of the organisation is responsible for everything that goes on in the organisation. If the person at the top is ignorant, or unable to control the situation they are still responsible.
And their position is at risk.

They say organisations are made up of people. Yet like in couples and families there is more to organisations than the sum of the parts. Organisations have a life of their own. A reputation built up over years by the people in them but bigger and growing at its own pace. A culture once started by a group of people but now takes on its own life and direction.

Being in a staff meeting presided over by the manager or CEO expectations are high. Managers are seen like parents to be omnipotent. They can solve anything. Yet things remain the same however unhelpful, and detrimental to the organisation.

Organisations like ocean tankers are slow to turn. To change a culture takes years after the launch, and after policies and procedures have been implemented. People in organisations are attracted to their own: doing things in the way established a long time ago. Nobody quite knows who the organisation is. Sometimes the CEO can steer and other times not.
CEOs and trustees take credit when none is due: and have to take the wrap when none is due.
Kids Co BBC

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