45. Katie Lee 1919-2017

Katie Lee  spent her life fighting for her beloved canyon flooded out by the Glen Canyon Damn. She fought tirelessly to have the dam removed and the Colorado River returned to its natural flow. Her favourite word was fuck! It was the first word she said to herself every morning.

She felt the flooding of the Canyon was a crime against nature. She was tired of seeing nature and the things she loved about it being eroded and destroyed.
She was a Hollywood actress, Folk singer and activist. She learnt to drive from her Husband a racing driver. Smooth and fast driving was her skill using the gears not brakes. Few find a cause or set of values worth upholding over a lifetime. To be captivated so totally and completely by something is a rare talent.

To be so captivated and enthralled by something that is taken away from you must create an unusual rage. That can fuel a life time of fighting for a cause however impossible that cause is. To have a dam knocked down is a tall order. But like the micro to macro: she predicted an ecological movement which is in the fight to prevent the planet from human attack. She gave a new generation a role model to be active and resilient in an age where consumerism is still winning the fight.
At the Moment!
Katie Lee

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