13. Just Britain

After Article 50 is triggered to start the process of the UK to leave the European Union –  Great Britain will be down graded to Just Britain

The events over the last few days when the British Government has agreed to the UK leaving the EU gives the Just Britain prime minister a mandate to trigger Article 50. This has the possible impact of ratings agencies of reassessing Great Britian rendering the Great worthless. 

Spokesperson Kimberly Goff from Broody’s rating agency said there had been a lot of thought and soul searching on the subject. But added that because of the economic and social repercussions on the UK – they could no longer see Great Britain as entitled to the “Great” status.

She was keen to point out that this was no reflection on the inhabitants of Great Britain, but the country’s status would not be as high, if the UK had remained in the European Union.

There is an irony in this. The Brexit vote is streotypically seen as patriotic and pro Great Britain – so being called Just Britain will be a step too far. It is again an irony that areas in the UK which received grants of millions of pounds of European Union money voted to leave the Union. Believing in the assumption that it would never happen they voted against the establishment only to undermine thier own lives and welfare. The lesson is if you rebel against the status quo you will be punished.

Broody’s also earlier in the year revoked the title ‘Leader of the Free World’ from America, say these decisions and assessments are never taken lightly.
Just Britain

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