31. IUD Colorado

IUD Colorado

An anonymous donor funded free IUD contraception for the women of Colorado for 23 million dollars.    Adrian Scott North London Counsellor Blog      www.counsellingme.co.uk
The teen birth rate dropped by 40% saving the state in 2010 alone 42 million dollars in health care costs!
St Louis Missouri implemented a similar scheme with similar results. IUD Colorado

The main issue is the source of the funding. The anonymous donor had a single plan that could be implemented in a straightforward way with direct results. There was a need for young women to be offered IUDs for free and they took them. Safe, convenient, and reversible contraception at no cost. Focusing on the more simple implementation of a physical health service compared to the complexity and grey areas of a mental health service.
Who wouldn’t want to access this service?
IUD Colorado

This type of service would be usually funded through statutory money or tax payers’ money! This means that the anonymous private donor bypasses the political and the difficult to fund areas of public health. The opinion of the religious population has no impact on the anonymous donor money: but can demonstrate and influence the way tax payers’ money is spent.

The impact of the worst recession in modern times in the US might be a factor on people not wanting children. Affording having children in a recession means that people think twice and use contraception more deliberately in hard times!

Yet there is a lot more to the service. Young women have made the psychological decision to go along to the clinic having already made the choice that they want to continue having sex but want the choice of having children or not. This seems a complex multi-layered decision which women have made from a population who have fewer educational and work opportunities. The idea that young women who have no way of gaining social status other than by getting pregnant might be misplaced.
IUD Colorado

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