8. Intrusion

Another celebrity takes their own life. A female presenter of popular TV shows with a girl next door image under pressure. Intrusion

The pact which celebrities make with the world of celebrity is unpredicatble and uncontrollable. Public interest in celebrities requires more knowledge and intrusion into the celebrity’s life for the press to write about. Ordinary people and their families put under extraordinary pressures of scrutiny.
Combined with a lack of privacy unimaginable to a population wanting to know more and more.

Unmonitored social media making comments cut off from feeling for the impact on the celebrity. Misogyny and mistrust towards women part of the normal discourse in the public arena and media.

What is the relationship to celebrity in 2020? Love Hate? An avoidance at looking inwards to our own lives?
A marketing ploy to sell us products? We form parasocial relationships with celebrities which are not reciprocal, like pets. We can project ourselves into a fairy tale life with the celebrity. Does this alleviate the dullness of everyday life. To imagine another life we can escape our own lives of repetition, ordinariness, & struggle?

Is there a lack of capacity populations of modern western economies have to live in their own lives?
Is this because we get what we want but not what we need? Is a life dominated by neo-liberal captialism so bad for humans? Too unbearable that we have to be somewhere else in our heads.

Perhaps it has always been so. But not as extreme?

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