7. Introduction to Psychodynamic

Introduction to Psychodynamic
This week I notice the Psychodynamic, child of Psychoanalysis. The psychodynamic approach is based on the psyche and all its different roles agreeing and contradicting one another in dynamic relationships. This idea has been around in many guises through the centuries, in religion, life styles, and tribal cultures. But Freud started the ball rolling in modern times by trying to document psychoanalysis as a science and have it authenticated in the medical world. Out of this came the practice of psychoanalysis which developed into a profession.This in turn started the process of the reactions and disagreements to Freud and his thinking. Some being Jung and his version of psychoanalysis based in myths and legends; John Bowlby and his disagreement of the idea of humans being motivated by instincts, forming Attachment Theory; and Carl Rogers with his person-centred approach of seeing the whole person in the here and now. All added wonderful colour and texture to the world of counselling and therapy. There is a lot to disagree with Freud about. He was sexist -a man of his time: a patriarch in a patriarchal culture.  But the man was also way ahead of his time and he started it all. Today we have the Layard Report on depression which recommended IAPT the training of 10,000 nurses in CBT to work with the nation’s depression and anxiety. We have counsellors and therapists up and down the country seeing clients. Whatever your view on Counselling and Therapy there is no doubt that it has become a spectacular mainstream industry. When crimes are committed, newspapers readers are directed to childhood, when young adults commit anti-social behaviour, issues of parenting are considered. We see ourselves as parts jostling for position with phrases like “I am so cross with myself” or “part of me wants to do this but I know I shouldn’t”. We talk of slips of the tongue, interpret our dreams, and see the rise of mindfulness meditation

What would Freud think if he could see this in 2012?
Introduction to Psychodynamic


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