12. Interesting

Interesting is a word that has lost its meaning. The word is all over the place. On the radio, television and in the press. It is a word that is only used to attract attention. In this article the author thinks it should really be used when the speaker means entertaining. Social media in the digital age means there is more and more information out there and it has to be sold to us. It must be short and attractive.
Entertainment over substance?

The word is used to convey importance. But it really doesn’t mean anything. Like the word ‘nice’. It needs more detail and context to explain it. The argument is that in the advance for science if the idea isn’t interesting it doesn’t encourage replication. But science needs to be repeated so that ideas can be tested.

There is a universality about the word Interesting. The speaker uses it as though everyone should find it interesting. You don’t hear I find that interesting. But it is interesting. Why should it be interesting to anyone but the speaker? Mental Health has always been linked to level of interest. If there is little interest in life we think the person might be depressed.

But maybe it has always been this way. The new way of communicating is always thought of being less worthy. Book reading to TV watching to recorded programmes, to the latest way of watching tv watching  in your own time not the time it was aired. Now we talk in clips and bites of information. If it doesnt interest you click and move on.

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