21. Indifference

Indifference – so you’re not important. Millenials born in the 1980s/1990s depending on who you believe. In the 1990s the West created a generation of children who were told they were special, unique. The self esteem movement peddled ‘mollycoddling’ encouraging emotionally fragile adults who cannot take criticism. Also contributing to extreme political correctness.

To balance our own self importance expressed by the millenial generation we might do better to practice indifference on ourselves. Indifference the opposite of love?

To keep ourselves in check we might think of ourselves and our struggles as similar to everyone else’s. When we struggle. Everyone else struggles. You are not different. The philosophical practice of humilty. Instead of zooming in on ourselves: we could zoom out. To witness others and their struggles along side our own.

Humility doesn’t focus on our flaws but doesn’t really focus on ourselves at all. We are worthy of love but so is everyone else. Stop obsessing over yourself. You are not that big of a deal.

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