30. Incel Culture Anxiety

Incel culture. Young men who feel that women are not interested in them, feel oppressed by women and hate women for it.
The quiet withdrawn boys at school who felt unattractive or unable to make relationships with women. They are in every school cohort.

On a personal level anyone wanting to be in a relationship with another and feels this eludes them is a painful experience with no way out. The situation becomes ingrained. There appears to be no hope.

To be human we all feel like this about parts of ourselves and our lives. Something we keep repeating, which hurts us, but we keep doing it anyway.

But it seems the majority of women act in, and the majority of men act out. Men are external beings. Love hate aggression, pain is usually externalised. Energy thrown out through limb and muscle.

So if a man is not attractive or able to make relationships with women. It is external. It is the fault of women. Not the fault of the man. This creates a scenario where if it the fault of the other, the self need not be examined.
It’s not me it’s you.

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