39. Hygge

Hygge is a Danish word meaning cosiness. This is the feeling you have when surrounded by friends and family. The season of Hygge is particularly at Christmas time. Is this why Denmark is one of the happiest countries?Women Cyclists Die
Pronounced “hooga” it is something the Danish want to achieve. Hygge is considered to be a fundamental idea of the Danish lifestyle.

The weather is a big advantage in Denmark. In winter it is like a cosy Christmas scene on repeat. Trees, cold, wood cabins and the feeling of snuggling up to the stove.

Hygge needs a luxurious environment, and an appreciation of small pleasures. Hygge describes a getting together of friends and family. It is a social value with a sense of community and remembering. Play and freedom are prioritised.

Denmark is a small country less than twice the size of Massachusetts with a population of 5 million people.
A general belief in Denmark is that children and young people are its best resource.

Are we missing something?

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