39. How to Fire Your Daughter

Kyle is a Texan Father who runs his own insurance company. He wants to retire and sell the business. But his daughter works in the company. Kyle thinks that she isn’t capable. She is good at selling insurance but is not a detail person.
How to Fire Your Daughter

They have a challenging relationship. Kyle expects his daughter to work in the same way as him. Ballpoint pen positioned at the right angle on his desk. He is a people pleaser. She is not.
Kyle has another employee who has the same skills as him. He would like to sell the business to.

Kyle has worked hard to give his daughter everything. This is one of the conflicts between parents who have worked for wealth, and their children who are given wealth. The facilitator tells Kyle that successful family businesses force the potential child owners to work for at least two years in another company. To gain experience in the real (non family) business world.

Kyle has avoided difficult conversations with his daughter so not to upset her. And himself. He hasn’t asked her what she wants, and how he can help her to get it. The elephant in the room. Large and cumbersome but not talked about.

His expectation is that she is his daughter and that she should be like him. If she is not like him then there can be no negotiation between the two positions. The daughter he expects and the daughter he has. Consumers know the product they are buying might not be what they asked for, but expect it to be. Like children?

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