40. Hollywood Sex Crimes

A well known Hollywood producer has been outed with allegations of being a serial sex abuser. Apparently his exploits were common knowledge in the film industry!
There are common themes here with the way the story unfolds.
Hollywood Sex Crimes 

That power and money seem to protect them and how they operate. That people know what is going. That people in the know avoid them. That in some cases people have been paid off not to speak. And that it takes one victim to come forward years after it has being going, which encourages another to come forward, and another and another. Until the tipping point is passed. The secret can no longer remain secret. Then the person becomes a pariah, without a day in court.  

The point that seems most to surprise men and women is why did the women wait so long to speak out? Why now after so many years? As far as women and sexual abuse are concerned we seem in 2017 to be finally moving into a semi enlightened age distinct from the dark ages of previous decades. One of the common reactions to sexual misconduct is that it is laughed off always by men as something to be minimised. Another is that it is not believable or to be believed. Or that the process of reporting and gathering of evidence was so weighted against the victim, that it was not a viable option.
Hollywood Sex Crimes

Most women have stories to tell about men not staying within the boundaries they request. Depending on which generation women belong to, this is seen as an occupational hazard, all the way to to their being real equality on all fronts between men and women.
Now how about men and sexual abuse?

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