6. Hillary Clinton

There is a lot of confusion about Hillary Clinton. There always has been. She polarises people.           Hillary Clinton
From money making careerist to well meaning public health reformist.
Her biggest problems is her association with her husband. Bill being her husband makes her life difficult. Lets hope she has some private compensations with him.

She had to play second fiddle to him so that he could become electable to the office of President. She had to play the woman in the relationship. She wanted to keep her maiden name when she married. Naive? Modern? Stubborn? Feminist? Bill the extrovert and Hillary the introvert?

Hillary has always had to endure sexism. Is this just patriarchy again expecting her to act like the little woman? She wasn’t going to change. But she had to adapt and change the hair do and ditch the geeky glasses.
Hillary Clinton

A part of her feels that she is being got at. So the more she feels attacked the more she private she becomes. This privacy has been her undoing. If she had just come out with the fiscal evidence supposedly against her: then she would have had an easier time with the press.

The Press. Another one of Hillary Clinton’s devils. She is not the type of person to like someone when she doesn’t –  to further her own ends. Life would be easier for her if she were to be more expedient. She seems ill suited to public life. A bookish person forced into the limelight of public office. But there is something pushing her on into the heady heights of the public exposure that the presidency will bring.

Is this the stuff of humanity? We find ourselves in situations or jobs that do not suit our skill set. But for want of not knowing what else to do. Or feeling that we cannot do anything else? Perhaps Hillary is spurred on by her burning ambition to be equal to men – her husband – but wants to do it in her own way.
Hillary Clinton

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