8. Heads Off

There is an old French alchemical maxim which says that before being able to enter the world of the unconscious Heads offand find your inner self you must first cut off your head. In other words to enter into the realm of your suppressed unexpressed feelings, desires and wants you must stop thinking.
Heads off

In this world of decisions, arguments and rationality to stop thinking and start thinking is difficult almost impossible. But why bother?

The theory would go that we spend our lives setting out a stage with our choice of players in it. We set this stage so that we can act our desires, dreams & our hurts and wounds. If we are angry we create players to be angry with. If we are hurt we choose to players to hurt us. If we don’t know about this we can be a victim to our own past. A past that presents in the present. A presenting past.

So to continue the theme everything is internal. We are internally driven. It would be convenient to think that we are externally driven. The world is a bad place. It does unpleasant things to us. We are not to blame. We are not responsible.
Heads off

Yet we all appear to be set up. We repeat or opposite early experiences not because they are good or bad for us,No head but because they are familiar. So who would we be without our heads? Our hearts and souls. Picking up traces of feelings in the past to discover our hurts so that we can care for them: rather than letting them dominate us.

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