22. Grenfell

The tragedy of Grenfell has shocked the nation. From the horror of how people died in the tower, to the warnings by professionals & residents of the building’s safety, to the exposure of how the political elite feel about the tower’s population.

Is this another impact of the Tory’s austerity programme? Another sign of how the nasty party wants to deregulate the UK, so that more profit can be made? An ongoing theme emerges of the haves and have nots. The poor living in one of the richest boroughs in the country. The wide and ever growing gap between rich and poor. Another sign that the UK is becoming more like Victorian Britain?

Now there is talk of corporate manslaughter. Someone to blame. Someone to take responsibility. Like all disasters there is a person or persons who made a mistake. The sleeping crew who forgot to close the doors on the ferry, to the flight captain who was impatient to get home. Both disasters were also blamed on cultures of poor communication.

There is a large part of human nature here. History is full of humans not doing things until there is a fatality. We appear to lack the ability to care for others beyond the lives we live in. For us to understand things they have to have happened to us. For the people who live in mortgaged properties in Kensington, they cannot imagine what it must be like to live a life of someone living in the Grenfell Tower.

People die to improve standards: in buildings, cars, hospitals, & wars. This is no relief to the bereaved. Humans work by crisis: otherwise things don’t change. We carry on, stumbling, tripping until we fall. It is only the fall which forces change.

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