2. Green Apocalypse

There is a theory that the planet is heading for a Green Apocalypse. The end of the world. Not enough people are bothered or care enough about the planet to save it. In the last election the Labour Party was congratulated for its Green Manifesto. But it was too complicated, too middle class and didn’t resonate with working class voters.

Extinction Rebellion XR is an activist political movement trying to agitate governments to promise green legislation. Intent on disruption but in danger of alienating people’s support.

And the planet keeps dying.
The idea of Apocalypse isn’t new. It is part of many religions and belief systems. Is there a kind of relief in the end? Could it be reassuring? Perhaps we loathe ourselves so much that we think humans ought to die in this way? Is this yearning for the apocalypse freezing the human race into inaction?

Freud and his theory of the death instinct also add to this idea that we are more comfortable with the idea of the end and death. All of life leads to death. So why not include ourselves and the planet?
Green Apocalypse

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