25. Goblin Mode

Goblin Mode – a version of ourselves that is the lawless and unacceptable. Defying social norms or expectations.
Behaviour like vegging out: not looking after appearance or hygiene. Or even behaving like a wild animal.

The ying creates a yang as much of social media encourages us to be organised to maximise our potential. Getting up at 5am, going to the gym, organising finances, stop procrastinating.

Goblin Mode is the id. To Freud the id was the only part of the personality present at birth. It is the driver in childhood existing in the unconscious. When you are hungry you want to eat. This urge can be mitigated by the fantasy of eating a favourite food.

When we mentally breakdown this state doesn’t care about how we look, or what we say, or do. Psychotic episodes turn us inside out. The unconscious is on the outside, unprotected from the cover of the socialised version.
At times we need the release of drugs, alcohol, etc to tolerate reality.

Goblin Mode is Time Out. Rest Period. Down Time.

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