6. Go-Karting – Adventure

Go-Karting – Adventure
This week I have noticed go-karting. Why do people want to race around a track with their friends and family? What is it about humans and speed? We are not built for it, and were never intended for it. We are made of a skeleton and bones – easily broken!

Perhaps it is the focus: all the worries and cares are forgotten in dealing with the adrenalin, managing fear, and staying safe. Perhaps a sense of adventure concentrated in a short session on the track, gives a fix that few other things can.

Adventure appears to one of the marketing department’s buzz words of the moment. It sells stuff. The repetition of small tasks, which make up the bulk of modern life does not lend itself to adventure. Adventure seems much bigger, made of chunks. Are we are like cars? Do we prefer motorway miles, rather than a short number of trips into town. Computers have increased this effect: lots of minute keyboard adjustments to have that document just right! A sense of adventure can be many things: literally climbing up a mountain, visiting a far off country, or doing a long walk. The problem is with modern technology there is a risk of being called up by friend and family and told what they are going to have for dinner: back to the mundane! A new job, a new friend, a new relationship give us a sense of adventure in our 21st century modern world of hundreds of minute tasks. Sex, drugs and rock‘n’roll is exciting and adventurous but might not all be healthy or of benefit in the long term. So in the end maybe going go-karting is a good idea?
Go-Karting – Adventure


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