36. Ginger Baker 1939-2019

Another musician dies. Ginger Baker drummer with Cream created a new style of drumming
most famous in the super group Cream.

Ginger became a keen cyclist in his teens growing strong leg muscles which gave him the ability to play his signature style of the double bass drums. He was a natural talent. Ginger got behind a band’s drum kit and simply played the drums – blowing the own band’s drummer away. As a result he was always forthright maverick in his uniqueness.

He played in many jazz bands in the early 60s and always thought of himself as a jazz drummer. In 1966 he formed the super group band Cream, with Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton. Lauded by fellow drummers but largely ignored by the music listening public.

This documentary shows Ginger as a cantankerous old man with not a lot of good to say about anyone in the music business. But he was a man of wide eclectic interests (including polo) and very much his own man.
Ginger Baker 1939-2019

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