34. Death of the Generations?

It is inevitable that each generation carries its own set of values from the time of its first memories laid down in childhood, & early adulthood.

You remember your era of events, politicians, sports finalists, films, music, and disasters!

You remember your school teachers, pupils in your class, college, university their families, ethnicity, & achievements. You remember your early toys, games, sports, loves, and hates.

These are seared into your brain: as new formative experiences. The first cut. The newness of life, your family relationships, the early experiences are who you are.

Your generational values hopefully get updated, improved(?) and eventually surpassed by future generations.

For example some generations have no experience of difference in the class room. Even with the most enlightened of that generation, this lack of experience means difference will always be something new. Later generations experience different ethnicities, colours, sexuality & religions. So these differences become natural to the later generations.

Some generations had maths with a slide rule or calculator. Later ones with a pc, and so on …..

This is why the generations must die off along with their outdated value? It seems in our post industrial age the older generations are not valued. Seen as unproductive & redundant. Under threat older generations hang onto their early values, which ironically hastens their demise.

In some cultures older generations are more valued. This allows them to exist more happily and securely? Seen as holding values that are the platform for newer generations. Depending on the kind of older person, and how they embrace the newer values of the modern generations!

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