22. Generation Soundtrack

With the passing of Christine McVie keyboard player of the band Fleetwood Mac we see an outpouring of a 1970s generation’s loss. A loss of the soundtrack that accompanied people’s lives of love and heartbreak. Each generation has its soundtrack. In the 1970s it seemed there were fewer sources of music: more people shared fewer soundtracks.

Whether you feel that Peter Green‘s Fleeetwood Mac was the real deal: or the more famous version of Fleetwood Mac had sold out to American FM radio, the album Rumours was heard everywhere.

Strange to say now but it was a first for a band’s music to be created in an atmosphere of love and hate. And cocaine. It was a like a band soap opera on show. A glimpse of a newer age to come where everything is on show.

As a teenager you are moulded by your generation’s characteristics. The soundtrack of your time burns deep into your soul: defining a time with sound that shapes you for the rest of your life. Likewise the music your parents or siblings played. Your heart is open yet to be defined so the music goes deeper. Generation Soundtrack

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