12. Funeral

How many people would come to your funeral? Take the testFuneral
But seriously a lot of people think about this.
So what does it mean? If 30 people come to your funeral or 300 people? There are all sorts of factors: your age, where you work – and the big one how many people you know or how many friends you have.

Are you the sort of person who has a big impact on a lot of people? Does this mean that you have less impact spreading yourself thinly? Or do you have a few close friends? Perhaps you belong to a club where your role was to facilitate and bring people together? Your warmth, vitality, and ease with getting along with people touched many hearts?

Clubs are run by volunteers. Big-hearted people who have time and energy to deal with the small details of people coming and going out of a facility. With people like this it seems that they act like glue. They instigate, organise, and cagoule others into doing things that they would not usually offer to do.

Organising a day trip to another club. Preparing a meal for the club. Celebrating a birthday when nobody was expecting it. Asking club members how they are and how are they finding the club? Being welcoming and inclusive is such an important part of a first impression made on people and makes or breaks whether people want to sign up and stay.

What would these people think about their funeral. Would the be surprised, flattered or embarrassed?
Perhaps they would have expected it? Maybe it really doesn’t matter?
Sandra Motture

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