7. Forgotten War Anxiety

Anxiety, helplessness, & hopelessness are natural feelings to have with war on the doorstep. As humans we are set up to feel feelings to protect ourselves and those close to us. Fight, flight, & freeze are unconscious reactions for our survival. The threat we feel with a war hundreds of miles away is partly to do with modernity. The last war in Europe ended over 80 years ago.
To actually go through what the people of Ukraine are going through now has been “forgotten” in Europe. The images are awful in their ordinariness of completely destroying everyday lives.

Modernity has incubated us from the whole idea of death. But death is mercilessly consistently present. Modernity gives us the opportunity to turn away, and deny it. And so the politicians in encouraging buffer states to be a part of NATO: have ignored the threat in a state of denial. Upping the ante until the dam breaks.

Both idelogically driven. Democracy v. Dictatorship. The liberal ideologue that democracy is the besy way to live has caused much suffering and misery. Whatever side you belong to the whole point is that you cannot see the merits of the others point of view. Nevermind that research shows that many living in democracies want to be ruled by a dictatorship. Democracy is used as an economic weapon to subjugate people: who feel they gain little from the democractic system.
Both have benefits and failures that the other side cannot see.


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