3. Food In Words Out

Food In Words Out
In the last 10 years the UK and particularly London has become one of the food centres of the world.
Quite an www.counsellingme.co.uk  2015achievement from a past or milk bars and chicken in the basket meals in pubs. But now with a fascination for food and a multicultural society there is so much choice of food from around the globe.

One of the latest trends is Korean food. Great hotpots topped with a fried egg to raw octopus to kimchi to shredded beef marinated in soy sauce. Then these cuisines around the globe are mixed and blended together to create even more styles of food. Cookery channels and cookery programmes are all over the TV schedule. You could watch food 24 hours a day. There are so many different tastes and foods that gives us an amazing choice when we eat out.

We are all fascinated and transfixed by what we put into our mouths more than ever before. Do we taste food, treat it like fuel, or just consume it?

Conversely it seems we are in a time when we are not so bothered about what comes out of our mouths. Social media being the prime example of tweeting before thinking. There is now more written and communicated about anything that we can think of. Tweets, comments, blogs (like here), articles, texts, chat, and phone calls are so abundant compared to 5 or 15 years ago. Speaking, words, self-help, coaching, counselling and therapy are all talking.
Words, words, words and more words. More and more. Quantity over Quality.

Is this why we can feel so disconnected from ourselves and others? There is no real speaking just chat. Like being alone surrounded by the crowd.

We live in a world of mass consumption. It is a quick satisfaction. A short cut to feeling full and content. Food in words out.
We feel full and talked out yet feel still dissatisfied.
The art of pausing to think, reflect and feel is a challenge.

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