42. Feminism? Where?

Feminism?Adrian Scott North London Counsellor Blog      www.counsellingme.co.uk Where?

Apparently the Top Teleword this year 2013 describes a dance. Popularised by a 21 year old American recording artist: daughter of a famous country singer. This has caused pundits to wonder about where’s feminism?

Feminism grew out of the 1960s/70s inn reaction to male oppression of women and their role in the family.  Basically feminism is an ideology or set of ideas that gives equal rights to women in education, and work. Feminism aims to support women against continuing discrimination. In the home (domestic violence) and work (sexual harassment, assault and rape).

A sex obsessed media with younger women using their bodies in sexually explicit ways could be seen as side-lining feminism. The popular view is that young women today have rejected the ideology of feminism for making the most of their bodies to promote their products.
Ideology versus the marketplace! No contest.
Technology and media have speeded up the pace of life so it is difficult to reflect or think about anything. This is convenient for humans:  thinking about something involves complexity, no answers and painful feelings. Hopelessness and being powerless. It’s much better not to think.

The discussion of issues such as race, colour and misogyny are difficult and emotive.
The reaction to the dance popularised by a 21 year old American recording artist by another former Irish singer was dismissed by the younger singer as a mental health issue. Another misunderstood area of human behaviour.

To be optimistic we are going through a phase (like Kevin) where the market exploits everything it touches. There is now more than ever the idea that there is something seriously wrong with global capitalism on many fronts.
It’s just that nobody knows what to do about it.
The times will change. Perhaps time for some more thinking and reflection?
Feminism? Where?

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