1. Fck Feelings

Fck Feelings is a self help book with the view that life is hard, and negative feelings are part of life. 
Just accept what you cannot control. If your wishes are impossible and are never going to happen then stop wishing them.

Talking endlessly about a relationship that is never going to be any good is a waste of time.This is a book written by a Father and daughter who encourage you to stay grounded in common sense. Life is hard and the trick is not to take it personally. It’s hard for everyone not just you. It seems that successful people are honest and brutally realistic about their expectations. If you constantly dream about what is beyond your expectations then they are unlikely to be realised.

Does this mean that Americans in therapy are being conned into talking about themselves in terms of the impossible?Was Prince Charles correct bemoaning the fact that kids in the UK are taught that they can do anything they only have to wish it? And then from this have to go into therapy because they have not acheived their goals?The 21st Century view of success is now so distorted into instant dream to reality scenarios. Is it being internalised by the younger generations. Success can mean anything you want it to mean? Does this exclude dreaming about the future?

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