7. Fathers and Women

Fathers and Women have an impact on their children. Not what they say but what they do around women. How they treat them. How they objectify women. Children learn through modelling. Boys and Men might judge other boys and men on the way they treat women.

Men who have lots of relationships with women are curious to other men and women. Stereotypically men might like to be like them, women find them attractive. Or men hate them cos they make them look unkind, and women treat them like a threat.

In this example the Father is a romantic figure. Rushing to witness the birth of his kids he drives his Citroen SM (great car but unique and expensive to maintain) fast down the motorway oblivious to the fuel gauge. The car ran out of petrol so he too ran the rest of the way!

Bred in the Boarding School system he was unschooled in the ways of connection and intimacy. Was this the beginning of his attitude towards women? It was the chase and passion that made his world alright?

Although infidelity is more common, it is still a big factor in divorce. Emotions like jealousy and possessiveness govern our relational lives. Is it about intimacy built up over a long period of time? The sensuality of caress rather than intercourse? Or hanging onto to an old institutional structure of relationships?
Fathers and Women

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