42. Fatherless Children Coincidence

Back in the day hundreds of American psychologists flew into city psychology conference centres. On the first day  they were asked to silently mingle around the conference hall and to pair off with another person. The criteria would be if you liked the look of the person, or they felt familiar.

Then they were asked to sit down & talk about their childhoods. Suprisingly or Unsurprisingly they identified similar strong themes, events, & traumas. The idea being that we send out secret silent messages of criteria we need to connect to another. We have little choice of who our partners and friends are. We just repeat what was imprinted early on.

Take the dating couple, worn down by a series of first dates. An immediate connection born of familiarity and comfort. Later discovering the early loss of their fathers. The trauma bond. Then moving into the woman’s flat. The block building which unknown to them both was originally an orphange for Fatherless Girls.
Fatherless Children Coincidence

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