4. Fascism & Loss

The argument is that Fascism is built on the avoidance of the pain of Loss. Use the word nostalgia and its more understandable. One of Fascism’s main attractions is a return to a former time. A past caught up in romance, where the dictators can seduce the population to vote to a return to older times.

The old times are seen as kinder, gentler, fuller employment and workers rights. Less global competition, less immigrants, less running down of institutions.

Part of human nature is to stick to what is familiar and known. The past. The past where everything was better. Everyone was happier.

Humans are designed to avoid feelings. The psyche moves to protect us from pain. But this doesn’t disapate the acting out. Feelings have energy which wants to be used up: it doesn’t care how. Pain can turn to anger. Self hatred.
For example sit with your angry feelings, or hit somebody/something. Loss unexamined is hurt and anger.

Time passing teaches that everything is in flux. Technology pushes us ever quicker to progress. That we lead lives of slowly being moved away from the familairity of early life is inevitable. Every generation has a beginning/middle/end. Every generation suffers from being outdated, feeling redundant. A big Loss.

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