16. Essential Travel

Rules are made to be broken. Driving fast, Shoplifting, Non Essential Travel. Whatever the rule is we make a decision from our personal perspective. We convince ourselves with our own evidence that it’s ok to break the rules. No traffic around, the merchant is insured, I want to go outside and will not leave my car.

Even in the pandemic with the threat of life the reasoning is the same. It won’t do harm to anyone else! My neighbour is doing it. Not part of a vulnerable group – so not at risk? Etc etc. Is the threat too abstract?
Big numbers on news bulletins dull the senses.

Having to rely on each other is usual. But the extent is heightened in a pandemic. We might catch the virus from another? We are not sure? We don’t know who is contagious? Are we contagious? But then the rules are still broken. We are the centre of our own lives. What we do is for us not the other. Altruism? Deep down does altruism exist? Are we more self-orientated than we would like to admit for fear of being called selfish or self centred? Maybe we feel entitled to break the rules.

Relying on others is natural. We would not be here if it were not for others. But when they let us down it’s painful. Breaking the rules is to our own advantage: but if others see it as a threat to them it creates a sense of danger triggering the protection of anger. Stick to the Rule or Break the rule?

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