20. End of a Royal Era

So we are at the end of a Royal Era. The queen was a stoic presence – steady, consistent. A role which many people took familiarity from in a fast changing unsafe world. A throwback to the past of a perception where Britain mattered and stood for something. When the country had power, and we could all be proud to be British.

Things have changed. The world is speeded up with difference becoming the culture in reaction to the past. She was a person to hang onto the olde world to. The loss is that this olde world has long disappeared. But when the symbols finally disappear this creates uncertainty and worry.

Whether we like or notice it: we are symbolic beings. The role of queen stood for much more than the person. A steady presence as a figurehead of a nation in empire decline. Avoiding the painful reality of the decline. We use symbols to make sense of the world. They stick in our minds and imagination as a reliable comfort.

The public face could afford to be stoic: when the private face might not be. If you say little: the symbol becomes even more malleable to suit the individual user. This approach was mirrored by a stoic age. The silent generation knowing nothing else.

Part of this new age is that we appreciate that stoicism will no longer do in personal relationships. We recognise it as cold, and not nurturing. The public and private face have merged: for some to a frightening degree. The world has changed. As ever crisis brings about change: not wishing for change.

So we are at the end of a Royal Era. What next? ……..

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