20. Emotional Pain

Scientists discover that humans feel no difference between a broken bone and an aching heart. In this experiment social emotional pain is collected by the experience of social rejection by others.

Peer rejection was felt the most keenly, then academic and romantic rejection. Rejection is most felt in poverty, and lower economic status: An implicit constant message of exclusion. The game of economic status can never be won. There is always someone abobe and below you. Status is a moving target where success can always be seen as failiure.

Scientists discover that humans feel emotional pain like physical pain. No difference between a broken bone and an aching heart. In this experiment social exclusion equals social pain.

“What is identity but the slow, lifelong accretion of gazes: us looking at ourselves being looked at by others?”

The more rejection, the more social exclusion and social pain is felt. The scientists were surprised when a person is subjected to social exclusion they become more aggressive and care less about other people. In fact they stopped feeling upset and start to feel numb.


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