20. Embodying Social Justice

Embodying Social Justice is a stand against social injustice in the world. How do we hold onto justice in an unjust world?      Embodying Social Justice
How do we embody Social Justice? What does it mean? How do we stand up for it?

One of the ways to realise – is how we experience and cope with injustice and how this enters our body. The food we eat, the air we breathe, the tattoos we mark on our body denoting being part of a group. Womens’ bodies have long been the property of the state and men. Look at FGM and human trafficking.

The body like the brain holds patterns and habits of behaviour. Parents’ gait is passed onto children who copy the walking style. The body likes certain foods, and patterns of eating started and learnt as a youngster. Parents who experienced rationing, have a particular relationship to food passed on to the next generation. Our bodies are designed to gorge and then starve until the next animal is available. Food and snacking is everywhere which makes weight control impossible.

We are all desensitised to injustice because it is in everything we do. And particularly the way we consume. Value for money is what we are all looking for. But buy something cheap and you are doing someone down the line an injustice. Cheap labour. Using amazon is supporting keeping low paid workers down and out. Buying cheap food in the supermarket means a farmer or producer somewhere has to take a cut. Buying an article of clothing in Topshop is supporting owners asset stripping their companies.

So what we can do? The best thing is to gain an awareness. The awareness that social injustice is pervasive, and embodying social justice is becoming more and more challenging in this neo-liberal age. It can make us helpless. Staying and being with helplessness is a human struggle and a natural part of existence. Staying with helplessness may also energise us into different ways of thinking of being.

Ask yourself how do you spend your money? Who does it go to? Is there a co-operative that you can support in stead? Small steps, make big leaps. Perhaps not today or tomorrow but in generations to come.
Embodying Social Justice

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