21. Elite Power

In this article the author writes that “Brexit is an elite project dressed up in rough attire.” In other words the elite dresses up its arguments to make the electorate think that the idea belongs to them. Not the elite. Whether the elite believed in Brexit or not was not the point. It was just made to look like it would benefit the people who it would not benefit. Elite Power

The elite managed to convince the Brexiteers that they could have everything without disadvantage. It was a game played by an elite used to debating at the Oxford Union. And again the disadvantages or Brexit however they develop will disadvantage Brexiteers more than the elite.

What is disturbing is that this is not obvious. That the elite are a self serving group who want power, and intend to keep it. The elite lying and cheating to hang onto power appears not to be known or understood. That they duped a large section of the population to vote for Brexit is, from a knowledgeable perspective, a Magician’s trick.

But offer the desperate a piece of revenge is too tempting to consider why it is being offered, or who really benefits? We all are open to being duped in the modern world. To an extent the world is a trick, a place where we are ill informed, where it is difficult to know what is really going on. Politics is a good example. Our primitive need for a short cut to feel better works every time. To be offered something that looks like it is ours is our attempt to regain some power. Power made to look like it is good for you. But is it?
Elite Power

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