2. Devils Avocado

Devils Avocado
Lenny Henry was the guest editor of the Today programme late last year. His request was for all the behind camera staff and www.counsellingme.co.uk  2015technicians to come from ethnic minorities. His point was that this was an opportunity that ethnic minorities wouldn’t normally have.
He said ethnic minorities didn’t want a hand out but a leg up. This was met with mixed reactions on social media. On the one hand fully supportive and on the other hand seen as biased and prejudiced towards ethnic minorities.
At the end of the programme he was challenged by the presenters about the bias in the programme. Lenny Henry said he had been hearing these arguments since he was 14 years old. He was asking for greater diversity in media which at the moment is full of public school educated people.
The classic Devils Avocado comment came up when he was asked about positive discrimination –  surely when he became a comedian it was for his talent not because he was black?
He talked about levelling the playing field and ring fenced money for programmes on black diaspora experience in the Uk. If the gate keepers to programme making are white and lack diversity they are not going to commission programmes on black experience.
But the point was missed, and a further example of racial discrimination? There seemed to be no grasp of how slanted the playing field is towards the white majority. When we see a slanted palying field so do we assume it is level because it suits us? What is happening in the right on, Guardian reading BBC with programmes on black diaspora not being made?
We underestimate the invisibility and naturalness of our own racism born deep in early experience, ignorance and a repitition of what we experienced and were taught. We all struggle with difference. We all attracted to what is familiar and the same. We seek it out with motivations so deep and primitive that we do not see them.
We choose the same to survive: it is in our DNA to seek out what perceive to be similar.
Devils Avocado
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