7. Debate UK

Debate UK?

On the Radio 4 flagship programme  “Today” on the 3rd March 2015 (@ 2hr 14min 30secs) – the interviewer and www.counsellingme.co.uk the interviewee have a Debate UK 2015 style. The subject matter is highly topical and contentious. One side holding the morale decency high ground, accusing the other of apologising and advocating on behalf of murderers.

In reality neither is true. But this could not be explored. The debate did not allow it. If one side or other let go of their position they would have been to seen to lose. So Debate UK 2015 style continues to be a conflict of two opposing views, neither being true.

In fact the truth lies in the middle ground. The area of the grey, the subtle, the unclear and the complex.

The media has so little time to deliver its message that it has to be reduced to an argument, or a conflict where nothing really develops or is learnt. The General Public pick this up. They know what the end of the debate will be at the beginning of the debate. Why? Because neither side can give in and be seen as weak.

We instinctively know that if we were to employ these same tactics in our own lives we would be isolated, alone and without relationships. To express, explore, & ruminate are the methods of exploration and learning. These have no place in modern political debates.

No wonder we are also turned off politics. No wonder disenfranchised youth UK are seduced by the simplicity of religion and crusade.

In a way war is simple. You are on one side and won’t back down – just like the other side. Just like Debate UK.

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