8. Death Protest

Death Protest
In protesting against their governments people are being killed. A beauty queen in Venezuela  and dozens of Adrian Scott North London Counsellor Blog      www.counsellingme.co.ukprotestors in Ukraine.
To most people this makes no sense. How can this happen? What is the point? What was going to be achieved?
We tend to learn about what works for us.

Once established what works for us we continue to repeat it, and repeat it and repeat it. This could be doing a job at work, at home, with children. You can see this particularly in small organisations. Staff do things in a way that they have always done it. It does not matter if it works well, or how efficiently. The way of working remains fixed. It develops a kind of permanence. Go into a failing school and you can witness teaching practices that are out of date and irrelevant. The teacher was taught this way 20 years ago: and does not want to change. Founder’s syndrome is similar. The founder creates a relevant useful organisation: which then becomes out of date and irrelevant. The organisation tries to change and adapt but is sabotaged by old ways of working created by the founder. Death Protest.

The problem comes when we have been doing a task a certain way, and we are asked to change. We want to know why and what is the point? Is it because somebody with power above us wants it done differently? Or is there some tangible benefit? Even when we are told to do something differently the hope is that we can still carry on doing the same thing. So when we are told do something differently we have another go at doing it the same.
Just once more! Just once more before we have to change! Death Protest.

It is the same with regimes. They have been murdering and torturing their people for years. They do not recognise that the outside world has changed. When under threat they continue to do what they have always done: use force. They will only change once they absolutely have to. Until then they will keep doing what they have always done. In extremity they would rather destroy what they have been trying to protect: rather give up: as in Syria.

It is a part of human nature to resist change and stick to the old ways, back in the good old days.
Whatever the cost. Death Protest.

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