33. Dead Beach

Kupari beach is a luxury hotel result on the coast of Croatia. Well it was until the Yugoslav Navy
bombed it, and then Kupari beachregained it back in the autumn of 1991. After being destroyed and then systematically looted the Kupari resort is a shell of what it originally was.

It was one of the prime resorts in the Adriatic sea, where Tito had a summer home and several thousand guests could be accommodated in luxury.

What is amazing is that in the Western Europe the whole resort would be sectioned off and protected with fencing Kupari beachand security. But today you can go visit and wander around the ruins of a once beautiful resort, destroyed and plundered by its own people.

Further down the coast road towards Dubrovnik is the Belvedere luxury hotel  complete with glass capsule lift to take tourists down to the private beach. The same story. Destroyed in war yet still able to be visited by tourists but not on the list of local travel agents’ excursion destinations!

Perhaps it is right that these resorts no longer exist. They were sponsored by dictators and their extorted billions taken from the economy of the people of their own states and countries. But they still exist for anyone to walk around and imagine and remember about the cruelty and senselessness of war.
Their war. Croatia’s war
Dead Beach

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