51. Dark Money

Dark Money is a book describing American Billionaires trying to influence and undermine the U.S Government and American Democracy. This right wing campaign is headed by the Koch Brothers who are determined to set the agenda for a Republican Revolution.

The Koch family background is a story of family embedded in the Nazi War Machine, with a corresponding mentality.  In 1960 Koch wrote “The colored man looms large in the Communist plan to take over America.”

The family worked and has paid millions to give power to the conservative right by demanding balance in political debate. This balance was focused on textbooks, television shows and news coverage. The war on Liberals was so effective that Barak Obama just after being elected was asked by a New York Times reporter if he was a socialist.

Between 2005 and 2008, the Kochs alone spent nearly $25m on organizations fighting climate reform. Conservative Organisations have spent $558m over seven years trying to discredit global warming.

And in a way why not? Billionaires have money to spend on furthering their companies profits. Government, Taxes, and People are in the way unless they are buying their products. People make demands for public services, accountability and fairness. For the Billionaire businessman this is like having a universal marketing department with limitless funds, and networks with the backup of of other Billionaires and their networks.
Dark Money

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