17. Crisis of Masculinity

Adrian Scott North London Counsellor Blog      www.counsellingme.co.ukCrisis of Masculinity
Diane Abbott talks about a Crisis of Masculinity
Men are lost because women have taken over their role. Particularly in the work place. Pornography places pressures on men to be all powerful. They are unable to discuss their difficulties or speak about their emotions. Men’s depression and anxiety are under diagnosed. To avert this Crisis of Masculinity the role of fathers has to be better supported. Crisis of Masculinity
The critique of this point of view is that it is good to have women in the work force. The sense of a crisis in masculinity is overdone. A man would not be able to lecture on the Crisis of Femininity.

In truth the role of men has always been compared to the role of women. Crisis of Masculinity
Rightly women have been seen as oppressed by men. Women are second best in the workplace, home and in entertainment. Objects of physical attraction over character. At once revered and envied. In the world today we see women being aggressed and violated in wars for domination and power. It is right and proper that women be seen and treated as equal to men.
In truth the role of men has never been great. This is difficult to say about an oppressor. The oppressor is dominant, gets what they want. It is difficult to see the oppressor as not having a good role.
The role of oppressor is limited and the joy of oppression short lived.
Yet perhaps this motivation for this oppression and patriarchal obsession with keeping women in their place is that women are always at an advantage. This cannot be talked about. It has to be kept secret.
Once in the open the oppression would not be as effective. Crisis of Masculinity
The advantage that women have is the way they are treated from conception to be social, and interactive. Women are taught to ask for and receive support: practical and emotional. The fact is that most men are not treated in this way. So they cannot ask or give support in their own lives. Men are more likely to become isolated, struggle on and even kill themselves.
Women can talk about a crisis in masculinity as they give birth to men. Men do not have this role. Neither can the oppressor be seen to undermine the role of women and then instigate an investigation into the oppression.
Boys don’t Cry – Women can. A Crisis of Masculinity.

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