41. Creepy Men

Women are more likely than men to experience sexual threat or violence, so are more likely to make  judgements like creepy men. We are told to trust ourselves but our intuition is more likely to keep us safe in terms of social boundaries rather than physical safety.

Creepiness was judged to be about men who who were sexually interested, and behaved differently outside the usual social norms. So intuition can exclude men signalling social difference rather than safety. The disabled and homeless are more likey to be judged as creepy. 

The issue of consent is challenging. Situations can be creepy but legal and with consent. Does this argument fail to take into account the issue of power? The power of money, fame and priviledge. We are in a time of the exposure of creeps (social judgement or safety alert?) These men are socially accepted, part of the establishment, and priviledged.

They are judged to be guilty on the strength of the number of allegations against them. Reputations fall easily, along with marketing endorsements and charity sponsors.
How to stay safe from creepy men?


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