8. Couples Therapy: NATO & Russia

If NATO and Russia were in a good couple therapy! Both sides ignoring the fear of the other. Both threatened by the thinking of the other. As one couple said last week:
” …why and how do we think and feel so differently?….” Yet these two people find themselves together. Unable to understand the fear and anxiety of the other. NATO and Russia.

How did you first meet? All you countries were on the same side against Hitler’s Germany. What is the history of your relationship? Unsteady but at times manageable – then it began to go awry. What do you have in common? People and trade. What are your differences? One version might be that Russia sanctioned the deomocratisation of East Germany, and the Baltic states. Leaving Russia more exposed. NATO with the force of the US carried on with the world domination of democracy. Russia becoming more and more uneasy. Do the work on NATO understanding Russia’s point of view and vice versa.

What is ‘forgotten’ in therapy can lead to what is hurt, betrayed, or unresolved. The presenting past motivates us beyond our understanding. Once the past can be understood the present becomes inevitable. Then maybe the future can be more wisley thought of. Maybe ……….


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