Counselling for Trainees

Being a trainee is a challenging endeavour.                                      
You might have decided that you want to a career  in counselling.
Are you on an Introduction, Certificate, Diploma, or
Masters Course?
Then you are starting your training, your placement and having to be in your own counselling all at the same time.
Questions like – How are you going to make the time in your already full schedule?
What is it going to be like? Why do I have to do it? are common concerns.
Coming to a counsellor to talk about a certain issue  or dilemma is not the same as being required to see a counsellor to complete your course.                                            Useful facts for students – BACP

Having to see a counsellor or changing your counsellor to meet the course approach requirements demands courage, commitment and a new way of seeing yourself and your place in the world. This can be a threatening experience which needs the guidance of a qualified counsellor.
I work to the BACP Code of Ethics



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