Counselling CEOs / Senior Managers

Counselling CEOs & Senior Managers
Working as a Chief Executives and manager is demanding.
Essentially your are managing relationships to people who you are motivating to perform tasks efficiently and effectively. The world of management is beginning to recognise the idea that managing yourself is key to your management style, and how you cope with the stress of your management role.

One manager might find a particular scenario stressful while another manager might not.
Your management style can be connected to your background and upbringing.

Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you identify what has informed your management style triggers to stress, and how you manage it. It can also help identify personality types and situations you find difficult.
Counselling CEOs & Senior Managers
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Counselling For Managees
“80% of employees leave managers not organisations”

Being managed will have a major influence on your work life. Whether management structures are in place or not will have a big effect on the way you work, your commitment to work and ultimately your mental health.

What Part are You Playing?
Counselling and Psychotherapy can help identify which part you are playing.
Perhaps it could be:
1. The organisation /employer and its management structure
2. The manager
3. You – the managed employee are playing.

Then you can identify the individual and personal triggers that effect you and your work performance.
Once this is clear you can work out a clear plan of action to move forward and take control of your work life and fulfill your career potential.
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