10. Corona Beer

Corona Beer sales have fallen. This is because it is being associated with the Coronavirus spreading all over the world. Drink the Beer and get the Virus. Some would dismiss this as stupidity and ignorance. How could you catch a virus from a beer? Fear beats logic?

But to dismiss is to miss. The human mind is more motivated by perception, particularly in times of stress and fear. Even more than logic. There is no logical sense to the Corona Beer scenario. But add fear of abuse, stress, dying or death: and the human mind starts to associate.

The mind does this to protect itself. We associate as a primitive reminder that we are under threat. It goes overboard so that any chosen(?) association can relate to the original trauma.

There are different levels. Lost love creates association of seeing the ex-loved in the street. The male perpetrator is associated being with men in power, men in confined spaces.

Perception and association inform our relationships and our lives. Call this association, projection, transference, or whatever. Ignore it and human behaviour becomes non-sensical even our own.


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