18. Corbyn Dive

Mr Corbyn is taking a dive in the polls. Nobody trusts him. Nobody thinks he can lead his party or the country.      Corbyn Dive
Some would say he is a politician of conviction. He has integrity, and values & cares about people of lesser means. He does not twist or turn to other peoples’ views. He remains steadfastly Mr Corbyn.
Corbyn Dive

He is a man of decency sometimes looking like a minnow in a sea of sharks. And perhaps this is the problem. For over 30 years now the market has become ever more powerful. It has broken down groups, communities, by the use of fear. Fear of losing employment, essential services, or a familiar group or culture.

The times are more brutal. Everyone is an individual who lives and dies on their own capabilities. Not capable you are vulnerable to low benefits and dwindling services. If you cannot support yourself, nobody else will.

This has come about by an increase of wealth held by individuals. It used to be institutions. The wealthy need services just like anyone else – it is just that they can pay for them. Why should they pay for them through taxes: that is supporting others. Much better to pay only when they need it. Stop paying tax and pay for medical treatment only when necessary.

So Mr Corbyn finds himself in a new world where people perceive that they cannot afford to be communal. When times are hard our generosity dwindles to those close around us. Its not that people do not believe in Mr Corbyn’s morals and values – they are just surviving and too scared to look up and around. Nobody is going to look after them. So they have to look after themselves.

Money is the new moral currency. The Conservative Party is seen as the party of business and good handling of money. In a culture of fear and money the business party is going to win out. Morals and decency cannot be afforded through poverty and insecurity. There is only Pale Shelter.

Survival of the fittest. Keep your eyes open or somebody bigger will eat you. Or maybe you will just die exposed out in the open.
Corbyn Dive

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