13. Confabulations

How to Resist a State of Forgetfulness.
Is it possible to read natural appearances as texts? Drawing flowers can be seen as messages, which are not verablised or scripted. The aim to respond to different rythms and forms which have a text but not a wriiten one. Confabulations 

In this present world of financial speculation we are drowned by the media by distracting information which blinds us to what is real and a truth. The world is no longer dictated by politicians and politics. But a global cartel of financiers, bankers, and speculators. Politicians debate the issues as if they are in charge. They use words such as democracy, choice, freedom which have been emptied of meaning. Populations glance at their talking heads, as though it were a pointless rote exercise.

The Press deliver a constant stream of shocking events which pulverises the listener into a glazed numbness. There is no back story or complicated history. Just a stream of shocks focused on the unpredicatability of life.

Everything is quanitified numerically, stripping it of a sense of quality or individuality. GDP, percentages, profit margins. But nothing of people and their hopes and fears. This creates an amnesia or forgetting. We are being educated to live as suffering in an endless uncertain time in a state of forgetfulness.

While the state of people around the world becomes more threatened. Countries invaded, eating junk, the planet warming. To be an activist in this time needs fortitude, and courage. The ways to protest are at the moment unclear  and unavailable.

Rather than the digital binary state of existence on a straight line we are the centres of circles. The circles of us remind us of an age where texts were not addressed to us but witnessed by us. Symmetry exists with chaos. Not just chaos alone.
“that what is desired is more reassuring than what is promised.” Berger P.142

Confabulations by John Berger 2016

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