26. Cheryl Glass

Cheryl Glass was a child prodigy. She was a scholar and business woman way ahead of her time. She started racing at 9 years old. Catching Father’s bug for motor racing she had huge confidence and talent.

Today along with Lewis Hamilton she would still be attracting attention for being a woman of colour in a sport filled with men. But when she was racing in the 1970’s, 1980’s, and 1990’s she was totally alone. She also attracted love and hate along the usual line of racial bias. She was a black woman racing driver while Obama was still in High School.

Unfortunately her racing career wasn’t about winning but she was competitive. At 18 years old she survived a horrific car crash, which would have ended most drivers’ career. But she carried on. Ruthlessly driven. It was her attitude that might have set her back. Vulnerable to being disappointed in herself with very high expectations of her ability – she tried to make huge leaps up the racing divisions. That optimism would soon be replaced by dejection. She was forced to give up motor racing.

She focused on her company Cheryl Glass Designs, a custom gown and wedding dress business. She was also a model, and involved in setting up Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) education programs for inner city students.

But this was nothing compared to the last years of Cheryl Glass’s life. In 1991 she was attacked and raped in her own home.There was not enough evidence to bring charges. Her life dived here fighting for justice and her own survival. In the last four years of her life she made numerous reports of incidents to the police, fights with her neighbours, arrests, and restraining orders.
Her cause of death is unknown.

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