20. Can’t be Told Pandemic

So far Western Industrial nations particularly the US and UK have fared worse. In comparison to Asian Nations and Scandanavia who seem to have done better in controlling Covid19.
Each country has its own history and customs that enable or disable its reaction and capability to deal with Covid19.
Can’t be Told Pandemic

Like an individual person suffering from trauma. The trauma cannot be changed. The person’s life experience and genetic disposition prediacte the trauma reaction.

Same with countries. In Kerala there was a virus outbreak 2 years ago where the medical authorities gained the trust of the local population by dealing with the virus effectively. Testing and isolating containing the outbreak. So when Covid19 struck there was organisation, medical infrastructure and compliance. A trust between populace and authority saved the day. Compliance and trust in government at this stage seems key to coming out well in the face of Covid19.

In the UK, Europe and the US compliance and trust are less. The more individualistic and entrepreneurial the country: less compliance and trust. Seen to be a strength in everyday trade, it is a weakness against Covid19. The running down of infrastructure and a belief in the omnipotent self invites Covid19 to rampage. Open up the economy for a further invitation.
Strength and Weaknesses alter depending on the frame/situation. Personal and Political, Cultural, Economic.
Can’t be Told Pandemic

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